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How sunlight benefits our health.

Besides warming up or getting a tan, just why should we be inclined to get under the sun sometimes?
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Here are a few benefits of sun exposure.

  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Improves digestion
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Balances blood pressure 
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Prevents anxiety and depression 
  • Helps kidneys function properly
  • Increases the metabolism
  • Aids in liver function

File:The Sun by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - 20100819.jpg

Sunlight helps prevent several ailments such as depression, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, seasonal affective disorder, and several cancers including, breast, prostate, stomach, bladder, and colon cancer.  Ergosterol in the skin is converted into vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.  Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and also aids in moving calcium through cell walls.  Including vitamin D in your diet helps to lesson the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

5 health boosts from bananas

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Here are a handful of health benefits from eating bananas

Blood health:  Bananas are just loaded with vitamin B-6 which converts tryptophan to serotonin and helps the body produce hemoglobin, a crucial component of your blood.  Vitamin B-6 also helps manage blood sugar levels and is essential for immune system health since it aids in producing antibodies

Bone health:  Since bananas are rich in potassium, they can promote bone health due to the fact that regular intake of potassium suppresses calcium excretion from the body thereby reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis. 

Digestive health:  Notably good for children with problems with digestion.

Heart health:  Potassium, which is present in bananas, is essential for muscle contraction so therefore plays an important role in muscle actions such as heart function.  Lower potassium intake has been linked to heart disease.

Kidney health:  Regular intake of potassium minimizes calcium secretion in the ruin and thus reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.

File:Bananas on tree.JPG
Bananas are amazing in flavor and in healing properties.  Make a smoothie or add some to your steel cut oats with a spoonful of raw honey!

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Mind blowing health benefits of grape seed oil!

New uses are being discovered for grape seed oil all the time, but some shocking information about the health effects of taking this oil will have you rushing to the nearest grocery store to get some of your own.
Chances are when you hear grapes, you think wine or jelly, but did you know that taking grape seed extract can vastly improve your quality of life?  Check out this video to learn more about the impact taking grape seed oil can have on your health.

Quinoa the granddaddy of the grains!

Called the gold of the Incas, quinoa has been around for thousands of years and was believed to increase the stamina of ancient Inca warriors.
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Here are some health benefits of this mega grain!

Metabolism:  Quinoa contains riboflavin or B2, which helps with energy metabolism within muscles and the brain and also aids in energy production in cells.

Protein:  Absolutely packed with protein and all 9 essential amino acids, quinoa is considered a complete protein.

Manganese:  Quinoa is loaded with manganese, an antioxidant that protects cells in the body against damage brought on by free radicals and also guards against damage to mitochondria during the process of energy production.

Fiber:  Fiber is already known to ease constipation and other digestive problems, but did you know that fiber can reduce your risk of heart disease by reducing high blood pressure?  Fiber also helps because it makes you feel fuller and takes more effort to eat so takes longer and helps curb overeating.  Quinoa contains nearly twice the fiber of other grains too!

Iron:  Iron plays an important role in blood health.  It is the basis of hemoglobin formation and red blood cells rely upon iron to stay healthy.  Iron also helps with neurotransmitter synthesis, enzyme activity, energy metabolism, and the regulation of your body temperature.  Since quinoa contains iron, it should be included in any vegetarian or vegan diet to replace the iron that absorbed by eating meats.

The list goes on and on.  Quinoa can have a huge impact on your health and provide a great nutritional alternative to meat for people looking to begin a vegan or vegetarian routine.  Quinoa can be prepared in several different dishes and has a great taste and texture.  And, nothing tastes better than nutrition, nature's health insurance!

Here is a great way to prepare quinoa!

The Most Nutritional Food in The World

Can This Single-Cell Organism Feed The World?

In the future - an area the size of Connecticut could feed the world. A company called Pronutria claim to have discovered a single-cell organism that converts sunlight, CO2 and water into low-cost nutrients. The claim is that instead of a few thousand pounds of crops per acre a year, we could produce 100,000 pounds worth of crop per year in the same area according to the company's research.

Hydrotect Surface Coating - Innovation in Cleanliness and Sanitation

Self cleaning homes of the future? A natural way to keep away micro-organisms with the power of light!

Living, Breathing Human Lung-on-a-Chip Could Replace Animal Testing

Can this Lung On A Chip Replace Animal Testing! 

Only if you help make this technology known!
Photo from wikipedia commons

This breakthrough in science has been relatively ignored. The applications of this technology mean that we can all but stop horrible animal testing. This has been about a year... have you heard of it?

The Truth About Hemp

The truth about hemp - Via - Abby Martin From Breaking The Set on RT

A short history lesson:

4 Natural Cures For Eczema

Natural cures for Eczema 

Much cheaper and safer for the body.

  • Flaxseed oil: People have found that by taking this oil every day it helps build up their immunity system to fight off the eczema. 
  • Colloidal oatmeal: Soaking in both kelp and colloidal oatmeal formulas has been found very effective.
  • Aloe VeraThe plant has amazing healing properties on the skin. 
  • Oregon grape: Doctors have begun to prescribe this to be taken daily using both tincture and creams from the Oregon grape usually takes about 3 months to see results. Some people have almost fully recovered from eczem after a couple months of using this. 

It is usually best to discuss these natural cures for eczema with your doctor as well to make sure that there will be no negative interactions with medications if you take them.

How cocain is cooked -

How cocain is cooked - Video Dailymotion

How cocain is cooked by Hrd2band

Everything is possible - Vidéo Dailymotion

Everything is possible - Vidéo Dailymotion

Everything is possible by Tixald

What If Wild Animals Ate Fast Food

A few ways ginger impacts your health

This delicious seasoning turns out to be a wonder spice that packs a healing punch!

An Epic Watermelon Smoothie!

How to grow wheat berries for juicing

File:Wheat beans.jpg
Juicing Wheat grass has several positive impacts on the health.
  • Diabetics can benefit from the fact that wheat grass regulates blood sugar levels.
  • Wheat grass cleanses the skin.
  • It purifies the blood and cleanses the liver, kidneys, and urinary tract.
  • It enhances capillaries and reduces high blood pressure thus helping prevent heart disease.
  • Wheat grass acts as an appetite suppressant.
  • It helps the nervous system and immune system
  • It contains antioxidants which protect cells from damage and rejuvenate aging cells. 

Soak wheat berries over night in luke warm water, covered, and in a dark place.  Rinse and drain and set in a dark area for another day.  Rinse a few more times and when there are white shoots about an 8th of and inch long, you can plant them in a medium, preferably organic soil that drains well.  Harvest the wheat grass for juicing early on when the nutrients are best for the taking.

Foods that strengthen bones!

In our 30s, our bones start to deteriorate.  Prevent fractures boost your bones with a nutritional approach.
File:Brokolice 1.jpg

File:Sesame seeds.JPG
Sesame seeds

File:Spinacia oleracea Breedblad scherpzaad.jpg

File:Brown Flax Seeds.jpg
Flax seeds

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