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Why Thousands Of Indian Farmers Commit Suicide

This video explains why GMO has encouraged over 10k farmer suicides in India alone. We don't want to force any opinions on you. Watch the video and do what you can. We do and will..

Connecticut Pushes To Label GMOs

Help sign the petition -->

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

The moment Kenya Banned GMO's

Add Kenya to the list of countries saying NO to GMO.

Help New Hampshire Become The First State To BAN GMO

This was started May 11th and so far only has 72 signatures 

- so spread this far and wide!

Help NH become the first state to ban the sale of GMO products.

What are GMOs? Genetically Modified Organisms are living organisms that are genetically engineered to resist disease, pesticides, or insects. This is done using

Health benefits of Celtic sea salt

Forget boring old table salt, nature has your back!

Throughout the day we perspire, losing much needed water and minerals.  Did you know that salt can actually help you retain some of that life giving water as well as help prevent illness?

Immune system:  Celtic sea salt is believed to help prevent illnesses and disease when consumed regularly.

Ph:  Maintaining alkalinity is key to preventing several illnesses including cancers and makes your body an unsuitable environment for harmful bacteria and viruses.  This salt can help to alkalize the body at the cellular level and the mineral load of celtic sea salt furthers the process of balancing your body's ph.

Muscle health:  Celtic sea salt contains sodium as well as a great deal of electrolytes which can help to naturally prevent muscle cramps.

Brain health:  Neurons in the brain can benefit from the intake of Celtic sea salt.  Furthermore, this salt helps to remove excess acidity and toxins from brain cells, preventing damage and promoting healthy transmission of neuron signals.

Energy:  The proper balance of salt and hydration is crucial to maintaining stamina and healthy energy levels throughout the demanding day.  Electrolytes present in Celtic sea salt further promote sustained energy.

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Green onion as alternative medicine

The real reason you want green onions in your refrigerator goes far beyond spuds!

Green vegetables are healthy all around and keeping your intake of them up will lessen the chances of you setting foot in a doctors office.  Onions are extraordinarily healthy, but did you know that green onions, or chives, can boost your health significantly.  Next time you make a salad, don't forget to include some fresh chives for added flavor and healing! 

-Immune system:  Flavanoids found in green onions, natural plan based compounds known to protect and heal tissue in t he body, such as quercetin are thought to help with healthy immune system function.

-Anti oxidants:  Green onions contain vitamin C, also known as the detox vitamin, which carries toxins out of the body which would otherwise wreak havoc throughout the body and contribute to several different ailments.  Vitamin A is also found in green onions which has antioxidant properties as well.

-Eye health:  The vitamin A found abundantly in green onions is known to promote healthy eyes and vision as well as helps to prevent age related vision problems.

-Anticancer:  The flavanoids contained in green onions are believed to help fight cancer and reduce the risk of having cancer develop in the body.

-Inflammation:  By removing toxins from the blood stream, vitamins C and A help to protect the organs in the body from coming into contact with these free radicals which cause inflammation.  Systemic inflammation is being linked to several serious diseases.

-Bone health:  Green onions contain vitamin C and vitamin K which are absolutely essential for building and maintaining healthy bones as well as preventing osteoporosis and bone fractures.

-Heart health:  As stated before, vitamin A and vitamin C help to detoxify the body of damage causing free radicals which are linked to the development of heart disease, one of the leading killers among people living in developed countries.

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Side effects of fluorescent light

Admit it, you don't like the cold, lifeless light that emits from these bulbs, but what you don't know may hurt you!

Better to vie for the warm welcoming glow of old school incandescent bulbs then to roll the dice with these bulbs that, if you dare break one, spew toxic matter all over the place.



-Eye discomfort

-Eye strain

-Enhanced tumor formation

-Contributes to agoraphobia 

-Endocrine disruption

-Increased stress

At the end of the day, natural sunlight is the best option because it brings a full spectrum of light frequencies.  The unbalanced light emitted from fluorescent bulbs has been studied thoroughly and it is a wonder why many government officials are pushing for regulations requiring their use over incandescent bulbs.  In fact, incandescent bulbs emit a more balanced spectrum light that is more similar to sunlight then fluorescent bulbs.  It is no surprise that many people are willing to pay more in electric bills and replacement in order to avoid the cold, lifeless glow of these mercury laden lights.

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Natural Cures Not Medicine 

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Uses for essential lavender oil

Touted for it's relaxing effect and pleasant clean aroma, lavender oil has a few extra tricks up its sleeves...

Allergies:  Diffusing some lavender oil can help to relieve the symptoms of annoying seasonal allergies.  Rubbing the oil on your chest, the back of your neck, and in between your eyes can also help relieve allergies and sinusitis.

Heal cuts:  Lavender oil has some antiseptic qualities which make it suitable for applying to minor cuts and scrapes to beat back pathogens which interfere with regular healing.  In fact, lavender oil was used on world war one battlefields with good results.

Dandruff:  It is believed that massaging several drops of lavender into the scalp will help to beat back dandruff.

Bug bites:  If you happen to meet the business end of a bee or fire ant, rub some of this essential oil on the bite or sting to help speed healing and relieve the pain.  Lavender oil can also bring some instant relief to mosquito bites.

Headaches:  The essential oil of lavender is believed to also help to naturally relieve headaches.  It is recommended that you rub some of the oil on your temples at the onset to chase away the annoying head pains.

Dry or chapped hands:  Are you one of those people who's knuckles seem to split every time winter comes around?  Rub some lavender oil on your hands to seal in the moisture and also sooth pain and prevent infection.

Eczema and dermatitis:  Applying lavender essential oils to patches of irritated skin resulting from these skin conditions is a great way to naturally heal skin.  

Insect repellent:  We may love the smell of lavender, but most bugs don't.  Dab some lavender oil on cotton balls and place them strategically in your linen closets to keep away moths.  Lavender has also long been used to keep scorpions from entering houses.

Sun burn:  For best results, mix some lavender oil with water and apple cider vinegar and spray over the areas of skin that have been overexposed to the sun to help relieve inflammation and the hot feeling.  Adding aloe vera to the equation may be advisable as well.

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