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Antibiotic Properties of Pau D'Arco

Pau D'Arco is a natural herb harvested from the Red Lapacho Tree

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  • Derived from the bark of this amazing tree. It is harvested and dried out without causing any damage to the tree or its environment. It grows in parts of South America where there is a high oxygen content in the air. It is nearly completely free from permeation by pollutants such as pesticides and carbon emmisions.
  • Pau D'Arco has been found to help treat a wide range of infections, particularly those caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. Native American Indians used it to help strengthen the immune system and in the treatment of deadly illnesses.
  • To gain the most health benefits from this herb, it is best taken as a tea. Although consumed in capsule form is also perfectly fine. 
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How To Use Manuka Honey As A Natural Antibiotic

Manuka Honey is a super power in the fight against bacteria rendering it a perfect and potent natural antibiotic.

  • Manuka honey comes from the Manuka Bush typically found in New Zealand and Australia. It has been known to heal wounds, treat stomach ulcers and even kill off the deadly MRSA. Studies have shown that it is a most effective treatment in comparison to man made antibiotics due to the inability of the bacteria to become resistant to it.
  • Manuka can be used either topically to treat skin infections or eaten to remedy internal bacterial ailments. 
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How To Use Garlic as a Natural Antibiotic

Garlic can be used as a natural alternative to antibiotics

Garlic has generated much interest throughout history for it medicinal uses. Crushed garlic has been proven to have antibacterial properties which kill a vast range of bacteria including, Salmonella, Streptococcus, Helicobacter pylori and MRSA.
So what makes it garlic so effective?
Allicin, is the oxygenated sulfur amino acid that is present in high volumes and is responsible for garlic's super powers.Studies have shown that by taking garlic regularly it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of becoming susceptible to harmful bacteria.
How to make the most of this wonderful plant.
For best results, eat garlic as raw as possible as cooking reduces the presence of the allicin. Adding it to salad dressings or chopped fresh and sprinkled over a meal is ideal. Although it is important to point out that eating raw garlic can sometimes irritate stomach acid if the body is not used to it.
Garlic supplements can be taken as a milder alternative and are odorless. However it is best to avoid the oil  or aged supplements and choose the powdered ones such as Garlic Powder capsules or Allicin Powder extract.

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Echinacea as a Natural Antibiotic

The antibacterial properties of Echinacea make it a natural antibiotic and antiviral.

  • Echinacea has been used for centuries and even now doctors and health professionals recognize its healing and antimicrobial properties. It is thought to have been traditionally used by Native Americans as a cure for snake bites. Echinacea Purpuria is most commonly used today as it has the highest potency making it the most effective.

  • The antibacterial properties in echinacea make it effective in fighting infections anywhere in the body. It can also help prevent illness and lessens the duration of infections.

  • This herb can be taken on its own or alongside other natural herbs as a natural remedy to fighting infection. The best way to take it is 2-5ml of tincture three times daily or 200mg dried extract three or four times daily.According to experts, it is best used as a short term, taken over two to three weeks, to boost immunity.

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The Truth About Mechanically Separated Meat

Mechanically separated meat or "recovered" / "reclaimed" meat.

Why do they do this? Money.

Jamie Oliver's epic nugget experiment goes horribly wrong when the kids eat it after knowing the truth.

Here is another video showing how this terrible stuff is made...

Anyone else hungry?

Bee Venom Can Kill HIV, Study Says

Washington University School of Medicine scientists in St. Louis have discovered that bee venom can kill the HIV virus without harming the body. Very interesting! And another reason to save our bee's!!

Bee Propolis Found To Slow Tumor Growth


Before trying anything you find on the internet you should fully investigate your options and get further advice from professionals.

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