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Health benefits of cinnamon!

Taking in cinnamon regularly can really have some significant impacts on your health!
Take cinnamon daily and when you are sick, mix cinnamon and honey in with your hot herbal tea to help shorten the duration of the infection.

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Why you should eat lemon peels

Natural Cures Not Medicine
Nutrition is nature's health insurance.

Why you should eat lemon peels

When you squeeze a lemon, are you throwing away the most valuable part away?

The skin of a lemon literally has 5 to 10 times the amount of active nutrients as the juice of the lemon.  Salvestrol Q40 and limonen, which are present in the peel, are known to be potent anti cancer agents.  The flavanoids that lemon skin contains have are believed to suppress the division of cancerous cells in the body. Of course the peel is loaded with vitamin C which is referred to as the detox vitamin for its ability to cleanse the blood system of harmful free radicals, preventing tissue damage, inflammation, and lowering the risk of developing heart disease.  Lemon skin can also be eaten to help detox and improve the appearance of skin.

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Natural Cures Not Medicine
Nutrition is nature's health insurance.

5 ways vanilla heals

No, it is not just an ingredient in your favorite flan or french toast recipe.  Vanilla can heal and ease discomfort!


Here are a few positive effects on your health that you can expect from vanilla extract.

Regulates menstruation:  Adding vanilla extract to your diet could help if you have irregular menstruation cycles.

Reduces stress and anxiety:  Adding vanilla extract to a glass of water or milk can help calm you and reduce stress.  Since stress causes other health problems, reducing stress is getting at the cause.  Vanilla has even been used as a treatment for depression.

Helps with nausea:  One of the more popular applications for vanilla is as a natural stomach settler.  Again, put a few drops of vanilla extract in a glass of water and slowly drink it down when your stomach is upset.  It is also believed that vanilla extract can be used to treat fevers.

Helps with losing weight:  Some studies point to even just smelling vanilla extract as possibly helpful with losing excess weight, though nutrition is the foundation to weight loss.

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Health benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is delicious, refreshing, and very healthy.

File:Cocco-nut hg.jpg
Here are a few things that coconut water does:
  • Drinking coconut water can help give your metabolism a boost while revitalizing your cells.
  • Add coconut water to your diet to help lose excess fat.
  • Drinking coconut water can help reduce a fever.
  • Coconut water is thought to have antiviral properties.
  • Drinking coconut water rather than sugar laden soft drinks can help prevent diabetes.
  • Coconut water can help with digestion.
  • The alkalizing effects of coconut water aids in dissolving kidney stones.
  • The detoxing power of coconut water is impressive and it also helps clean the liver.
  • Coconut water is known to help treat nervous and emotional imbalances.

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7 Anti inflammatory foods

  Our cells and tissue react to harmful agents with a critical defensive response which known as inflammation.  Inflammation in the body is not always a bad thing.  Unfortunately, since our environment is so toxic, many people suffer from excessive inflammation, diminishing their quality of life.  Here are some natural anti inflammatory foods to look for the next time you are in the produce section.

Remember that processed foods and meat can cause inflammation throughout the body and that fresh fruits and veggies can reduce inflammation and may be the way to go for you.

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Natural Cures Not Medicine
Nutrition is nature's health insurance.


Before trying anything you find on the internet you should fully investigate your options and get further advice from professionals.

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