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2 Million People Have Signed This Petition Against Monsanto

The largest petition in the history of the world. Over 2 million signatures and climbing fast.. But so far we are still being ignored... 

The petition states: 

To the governments of Germany, France and the Netherlands and all contracting states of the European Patent Convention: As concerned citizens, we urge you to take the lead to fix European patent law by calling on the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation to close the loopholes that allow corporations to patent plant varieties and conventional breeding methods. Clear and effective safeguards and prohibitions are needed to protect consumers, farmers and breeders from the corporate takeover of our food chain.

Posted: 9 April 2013: 
"It’s unbelievable, but Monsanto and Co. are at it again. These profit-hungry biotech companies have found a way to gain exclusive control over the seeds of life – the source of our food. They’re trying to patent away varieties of our everyday vegetables and fruits like cucumber, broccoli and melons, virtually forcing growers to pay them for seed and risk being sued if they don’t. But we can stop them from buying up Mother Earth. Companies like Monsanto have found loopholes in European law to have exclusive rights over conventional seeds, so we just need to close them shut before they set a dangerous global precedent. And to do that, we need key countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands -- where opposition is already growing -- to call for a vote to stop Monsanto’s greedy plans. The Avaaz community has shifted governments before, and we can do it again. Many farmers and politicians are already against this -- we just need to bring in people power to pressure these countries to keep Monsanto’s hands off our food." 

Sign now and share with everyone to help build the biggest food defense call ever.

At the time of posting... 2,021,614 have signed.

How To Use Herbs To Quit Smoking

Image of Lobelia courtesy of H.Zell 

Herbs are a great alternative way to help quit smoking, should you require a little more support than sheer willpower alone.

Herbs are becoming an increasingly popular choice when giving up smoking. They each work in different ways to help make the process easier, without the need for nicotine replacement. They can be taken as a supplement, tea or tisane, or dried and crushed added to food. Always follow the directions on the label when taking supplements.

Lobelia: Also know as Indian Tobacco, it has similar properties to nicotine. It is not as strong as nicotine and does not carry the same health risks but it will help ease the cravings rather than using nicotine replacement.
 Help Relieve stress and Anxiety from Withdrawal: 
These herbs work by providing a mild sedative affect that will help ease the cravings. 
Passion Flower is great for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks which can be brought about when quitting smoking.
photo Passiflora courtesy of Tomas Castelazo

Kava kava eases the mood swings and depressive moods that may occur due to smoking cessation.
Skullcap eases anxiety and has a sedative affect. It works as a great sleep aid when combined with Valerian for nights when the cigarette cravings interrupt sleep.
Valerian is great for easing muscle tension associated with quitting smoking. It is also great for helping to get a better night's sleep when suffering from insomnia.

 Our bodies have the remarkable ability to heal themselves and repair damage. The lungs are no exception to this and cells will start to repair from the moment you quit.

 Herbs that will help repair the damage:
Mullein is great for repairing the mucus membranes and promotes healing of damaged tissues.Licorice can help to sooth the lungs.Turmeric is great for removing carcinogens from the body and the lungs are no exception to this.Garlic balances out the addictive nature of cigarettes and relaxes the blood vessels which can help lower blood pressure.

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Apple Wax Warning And How To Remove

A warning about the wax that may be on your apple:

If there isn't much choice where you live you may want to learn to remove this apple wax using this simple method below.

Those apples may look fresh but they could be up to a year old! - Remove the wax - shop some where else or grow your own. This seems a bit silly but if you have some now and you don't want to waste them just clean them up. 

1. Fill your sink with 5 inches of lukewarm water.
2. Add 1 tbsp. lemon juice and 1 tbsp. of baking soda.
3. Place your apples in the water.
4. Using a veggie brush - brush outside the apples.
5. Then watch and you can see the wax come off and disappear as the water becomes cloudy.

Thanks to and for these images.


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