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"Tylers Guacamole" Recipe (Level: Easy)


  • 6 ripe avocados 
  • 3 limes, juiced 
  • 1 medium yellow onion, 
  • chopped 1 garlic clove, smashed then minced 
  • 2 serrano chiles, cut into rounds 
  • 1 big handful fresh cilantro with stems, 
  • about 1/2 cup, finely chopped Extra-virgin olive oil 
  • Kosher salt 
  • Freshly ground black pepper 

Halve and pit the avocados. With a tablespoon, scoop out the flesh into a mixing bowl. Mash the avocados using either a fork or potato masher, leaving them still a bit chunky. Add the remaining ingredients, and fold everything together. Drizzle with a little olive oil, adjust seasoning with salt and pepper and give it 1 final mix with a fork. Lay a piece of plastic wrap tight on the surface of the guacamole so it doesn't brown and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.

This Guacamole Recipe:
Total Time: 1 hr 10 min
Prep 10 min
Inactive 1 hr 0 min
Yield: about 4 cups
Level: Easy Read


Sign And Share This Petition If You Don't Think Monsanto Deserves A "Nobel Prize" in Agriculture

A Monsanto executive is winning this year’s “Nobel Prize of agriculture” -- the prestigious World Food Prize -- for creating GMOs.

Don't Forget To Sign And Share This Petition If You Don't Think Monsanto Deserves A "Nobel Prize" in Agriculture!

Receiving it legitimizes the sort of rampant genetic modification Monsanto pioneered, and helps validate a ruthless business model that impoverishes farmers, monopolizes our food and poisons our land.
If that wasn't baffling enough, the founder of Syngenta, the same biotech giant joining Bayer in suing Europe to keep selling bee-killing pesticides, will also win the prize -- and with it, a share of the $250,000 prize money. We cannot allow this prize to legitimize frankenfoods and bee killers. The ceremony is in less than two weeks, so we need to act now.
Tell the World Food Prize Foundation not to reward Monsanto and bee-killer Syngenta’s outrageous practices.
Winning this prize will encourage the wider use of genetically engineered cropsand be a huge obstacle to those fighting to investigate the long-term effects of its frankenseeds -- which is exactly what Monsanto wants. In 2008, Monsanto made a $5 million pledge to the World Food Prize Foundation, part of its plan to buy the credibility it can’t legitimately earn. By handing its benefactor this award, the Foundation risks undermining the credibility of the most respected prize in agriculture.
In protest, 81 Councilors of the World Future Council have penned a statement blasting the World Food Prize Foundation for betraying its purpose. In the words of the esteemed authors: “GMO seeds reinforce a model of farming that undermines sustainability of cash-poor farmers, who make up most of the world's hungry… The most dramatic impact of such dependency is in India, where 270,000 farmers, many trapped in debt for buying seeds and chemicals, committed suicide between 1995 and 2012.”
Despite the criticism, Monsanto and Syngenta executives are set to receive their prize on World Food Day, October 16th 2013 and it will be a slap in the face to everyone harmed by their products. We don’t have much time, so we need to publicize this obscene decision -- if enough of us get word of this out, and let people know the World Food Prize is threatening its reputation, we can shame it into choosing a more suitable candidate.
Genetically-modified crops do not deserve the highest praise in food! Don’t reward Monsanto and Syngenta.

The Top 20 Natural Pain killers

The Top 20 Natural Pain Killers:

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  1. Ginger (add to 1-2 teaspoons daily to diet for general muscle pain)
  2. Cloves (chewed gently for toothache / gum inflammation)
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tablespoon mixed with water before meals for heartburn)
  4. Garlic (made into a special oil for earache )
  5. Cherries (joint pain, headaches – 1 bowl per day)
  6. Oily fish (Salmon, tuna, sardines, trout, mackerel, herring – intestinal inflammation – 18oz per week)
  7. Yogurt (PMS – 2 cups per day)
  8. Turmeric (chronic pain – 1/4 teaspoon per day)
  9. Oats (endometrial pain – they are gluten free)
  10. Salt (hot, salty foot baths for ingrown toenails – 1tsp per cup of water – 20 mins twice daily)
  11. Pineapple (stomach bloating, gas – 1 cup of fresh pineapple)
  12. Peppermint (add a few drops of the essential oil to bath for sore muscles)
  13. Grapes (back pain – 1 heaping cup per day)
  14. Water (general injury pain, helps wash away the pain-triggering histamine – 8 x 8 ounce glasses per day)
  15. Horseradish (sinus pain – 1 teaspoon twice daily)
  16. Blueberries (bladder / urinary tract infections – 1 cup daily)
  17. Raw Honey (topical application 4 times daily for cold sores / canker sores) 
  18. Flax (breast pain – 3 tablespoons daily – must be ground or seeds will pass right through!)
  19. Coffee (migraines – caffeine stimulates the stomach to absorb pain meds better)
  20. Tomato Juice (leg cramps – tomato juice is rich in potassium – 10oz daily)
  21. Medical Marijuana - use as needed. 


Before trying anything you find on the internet you should fully investigate your options and get further advice from professionals.

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