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Join the Right to Know GMO Fight in Your State

Join the Right to Know GMO Fight in Your State:

Want to get involved in a GMO labeling campaign in your state? You can join Right to Know GMO, the coalition of 37 states collaborating on statewide GMO labeling laws. 

Right to Know GMO is a grassroots movement of mothers, farmers and citizens dedicated to regaining our basic right to know what we're eating and feeding our families.
US map of state Right to Know efforts:

Update on state legislation to label GMOs:

Why all the fuss about GMO?

Study Finds GMO Long-term Effects are Terminal

Entire Countries Are Banning GMO's. Still think they are safe?

GMO Food Exposed: An experiment on Man and Nature

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) - Myths and Truths

The World According to Monsanto GMO Documentary

Bread Alert: Gluten could be deadly!

Know if you have gluten intolerance

All to often is gluten intolerance misdiagnosed.  Symptoms are mistaken for a different condition while the patient continues down the path that led to health problems in the first place.  Although some people are highly allergic to gluten and cannot have any in their diet at all, there are also varying degrees of sensitivity and many don't know that gluten is a problem for their health.  Aside from the fact that gluten can cause a great deal of inflammation, it also blocks the body from absorbing nutrients and has been also linked to excessive weight gain also known as "wheat belly."  There are several food and even non food products that contain gluten but it is worth the effort to eliminate it from your diet as much as possible.  There is a growing number of gluten free products and many gluten free breads taste even better than regular wheat or bleached flour breads.  Pastas, pancake mixes, and cereals are sold in major supermarkets that are gluten free and can soften the blow of removing wheat and other gluten containing foodstuff from your meal plan permanently.  Take action now!  Here are some symptoms of gluten intolerance.

-Dizziness and feeling off balance

-Gas and bloating 

-Feeling run down after eating a meal containing gluten

-Depression and anxiety


-Diagnosis of several different types of autoimmune disorders

-Hormone imbalances or infertility



-Diagnosis of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia

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