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People Are Awesome

People are awesome! Have hope for the human race! We hope this inspires you.

Vermont Legalizes Marijuana

Vermont HB 200 will decriminalize the possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of hashish. First time offenders carrying more than the protected weight will serve no more than 6 months imprisonment nor will be fined any amount greater than $5,000. 

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

GMO food linked to leukemia

Yet more bad news emerges about how genetically modified foods impact your health.

Time is running out to beat back GMOs!

     Leukemia and anemia have been linked to GMO, or genetically modified organisms, in a new study.  The toxins from these genetically engineered food products are absorbed into the body and wreak havoc on blood cells, causing damage and possibly deadly diseases as well.  Belin Poletto Mezzomo, Anna Luisa Miranda-Vilela, and a team of researchers from the Department of Genetics and Morphology at the University of Brasilia conducted tests of GMOs on lab mice.  The study was later published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Hematology and Thromboembolic Diseases.  Toxins called Cry proteins were fed to the mice and immediately started to cause numerous blood abnormalities.  Anemia was caused at the lowest dose.  The introduction of these GMO toxins caused damage to bone marrow cells and and increased the number of leukocytes, a type of white blood cell associated with leukemia.  On the 7th day of testing, the blood abnormalities steadily worsened.
     Monsanto Corp, the leading producer of GMO crops and seeds, caught wind of this study and has now even threatened legal action against those who published this particular study.
     With the debate over the safety of genetically modified food products heating up, more and more data is showing that several serious and even deadly health conditions can result from consuming such items.  Other studies have shown that rats suffer from aggressive tumor development when fed GMO food and now Russia is banning imported food from the U.S. that is genetically modified.  Several countries across the world have banned or required labeling of edible products containing GMO ingredients, but the United States seems to be far behind on this topic.

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What's really in your movie theater popcorn

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What's really in your movie theater popcorn

The movie better be really good, because your body is going to pay double admission with all the nastiness in your beloved popcorn!

A staple of theater and moviefilm entertainment is good ole popcorn, often with some hot melted butter and salt to crunch and satisfy the enthralled viewer at the edge of their seat.  What else are you going to spill all over the people sitting next to you when those gotcha moments happen?  The answer:  ANYTHING BUT THIS GARBAGE!  Yup, Natural Cures Not Medicine is here to burst yet another one of your bubbles, this time, movie theater popcorn, and here's why:

Corn:  Already an unimpressive nutrient source, some figures suggest that over 80% of corn used in food products is genetically modified.  Many of these GMO, Genetically Modified Organism, strains of corn are altered so that they secrete their own nanopesticides.  GMO foods have been linked to scores of diseases and have been shown to cause aggressive tumor growth in lab rats.  In fact, the large scale honey bee die off that threatens world ecology is being linked to the introduction of genetically modified crops including most corn available in products on your local grocer's shelves.  Russia recently banned GMO corn from the U.S. due to concerns over health problems resulting from consuming it.

Hydrogenated oil:  Hydrogenated oil, or trans fats, greatly increase the instance if heart disease and raise the mortality rate of heart disease as well.  They also limit the production of enzymes that reduce inflammation in the body, which can lead to several deadly diseases including cancer.  Trans fats also negatively effect brain health as they block out DHA from being absorbed.  DHA is crucial for fetal brain development and prevents the onset of degenerative brain diseases.

Artificial butter flavor:  Diacetyl has been shown to cause necrosis of tissue in the respiratory system when the fumes are inhaled, and suggest is can cause respiratory disease.  Workers in microwave popcorn plants have reported serious illness due to exposure to these fumes and some have even died due to over exposure.

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