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Tap water, well water, distilled water...Which one is best for you?


Water... This amazing matter found everywhere on our beautiful planet and in ourselves.

Without it, there would simply be no Life of any forms. Water is the source of any life forms, from the creation of our planet to the last state of the human evolution passing by the survival of the worlds flora to the air we breath. Water is THE most important element on Earth and without it nothing would exist.

Some people always like to argue with me saying that Water is not the most important element to survive and that we could live without it as long as there is Oxygen in the air. Obviously, those people have no idea and knowledge of basic biology. Here is the reason why Water is the most important element for survival:

When you hear about Scientist and Astronomers looking for other life forms and Earth like planets that could maybe sustain Life, the first thing they are looking for is Water and nothing else. Now think about for a second how oxygen is produced. Oxygen is produced by plants and trees around the world. Plants and trees uses CO2 (Carbon dioxide) to survive and produce O2 (oxygen) as a waste product that is then released into the air and therefore allows us to breath. However, in order for a plant or tree to survive, it also needs water, and a lot of it. Without water, there would be no plants and trees, without plants and trees there would be no oxygen, without oxygen and water there would be no Life. It is all a circle called the circle of Life, that goes round and round but always comes back to the same point, in this case: Water is the source of Life and survival and without it, there would be plain nothing!

Now, let's focus more on us, humans. Our body is made of 70% water. Water is part of our natural and organic structure. Water in our body plays a major role in keeping the body functions at maximum levels by a process called hydration. Proper hydration of your body on a daily basis is essential and the purest water must be used to sustain and offer the best benefits to the body.

Now, there are a lot of different types of water out there that you can drink to satisfy your thirst and hydration. However, like everything else, some water are better than others and that is what we are going to look at now.

Let's start by the most popular of all, TAP WATER. Well, to make it simple, like my Naturopathic teacher liked to say to us, shame on you if you drink tap water lol. Tap water comes from collected waters from grounds, river, lakes, reservoir or recycled and then is treated with a bunch of different chemicals to "purify it". They are more than 350 chemicals detected in most tap water, out of these 350, 4 are of major concern for our health. Chlorine, which is added to kill bacterias has been showed to be carcinogen in high levels. Chlorine destroys your natural guts flora thus depletes the immunity, leaked to colon and bladder cancer, dries skin and hair out and could lead to vaso-constrictive effects for asthmatics if used in a steam form. Fluoride, as most of you know, is a poison added to many of our everyday products like tap water, toothpaste, cheap commercial teas, beauty products, etc... fluoride is a toxic substance, leading to mainly health problems like bones, dental, neurological, mental and emotional disorders as well as affecting the memory and intelligence of individuals. The problem with fluoride is that most people are not aware that they are two main forms of it, the first being SODIUM FLUORIDE, which is an aluminium waste product sold to companies by chemical industries instead of paying for the aluminium waste removal for destruction. Sodium fluoride is used as additive agents as well as preservative and has absolutely no beneficial effect for humans. Sodium fluoride get stocked in the body and builds up instead of being flushed out, that is when toxicity arise. The other form of fluoride is CALCIUM FLUORIDE which is not used in common daily products unfortunately for obvious non profitable reasons. Calcium fluoride is a natural compound found on Earth, proven to be much more efficient, safe and natural than sodium fluoride, do not lead to toxicity and build up in the body as it is processed and flushed out very easily via natural excretions, support bone and dental health. So quit the sodium fluoride loaded products, read all labels and choose fluoride free, supplement in calcium fluoride via fresh balance diet, mostly via fruits, veggies, all raw on a daily basis and if you have dental or bone issues, CALC FLUOR  as homeopathic remedy is the best to complement and help the body to self heal. Then there are nitrates and aluminium sulfates which as fluoride and chlorine are inorganic compounds and not recognized by the body. Those two compounds depletes vitamins, minerals and hormonal levels and linked to neurological disorders like Alzheimer's, dementia. etc....

Now let's talk about the second most common form of water we know, which is the BOTTLED WATER. Bottled water is found anywhere. This water is classified by the source it comes from, either be spa, spring, factory and it's mineral content. It can be found either still or sparkling. Sparkling bottled water is a water that has been carbonated either naturally or artificially with carbonate. Sparkling water can interfere with digestion if consumed while eating. In any cases, if you drink bottled water, which most of us do, always choose the natural spring one or bottled at source and read the label to see if any fluoride has been added. However, bottled water is still not the best water you can drink as it is still a chemically processed form and in most cases high levels on chlorine.

SPRING WATER as said above is a form of natural water rising straight to Earth's surface from underground natural reserves. Even though this kind of water is better than tap and bottled, always look out for the environmental area, farming, pollutant, close highways and cities all depletes the pure state of spring water. The best spring water i have found so far is when i went hiking in Switzerland, at 2000 meters altitude, in the middle of the mountains with nothing around but Nature. Untouched, unspoiled water that the locals like to call the Source of Life.

REVERSE OSMOSIS water is a form of water that has been filtered through microscopic filters which removes all minerals and toxins, pesticides and herbicides. However, nitrates can still remain, mainly nitrates from fetilizers. This water is about 80 to 95% pure. There is a way to get reverse osmosis water at 99%pure by de-ionoze it with a resin which attracts and removes all remaining impurities. Excellent form of water.

Now the last one, DISTILLED water which is considered to be the best form of water for the body. Distilled water is made by boiling it to create a steam and then collect this pure steam which is free of any pollutant, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, minerals etc... the result of this is a 100% pure water. Distilled water is acidic and therefore excellent in the removal of heavy metals and toxic inorganic matter build up in the body. Distilled water is used in the Gerson therapy for cancer treatments. Patients raises their Ph levels by drinking all fresh raw juices alongside distilled water to help push away the toxins and facilitate natural excretion and elimination. Distilled water is the most hydrating water there is for your cells and contrary to certain rumors and myths made by modern medical researches, it does not pull out your organic minerals from your body. Do not store distilled water in plastic bottle due to its acidity.
So, what can we conclude of all this then?

Well, always look for the purest form of water, try out reverse osmosis or distill it yourself or even better if you have a natural source up high in the mountain with no negative environmental interference, go get some. Look at the labels, remember that inorganic compounds are not processed and well recognized by your body and are not eliminated naturally like it should, so they build up in your body leading to hardening and toxicity, therefore imbalances and disease. Organic and natural is the key to survival. Fresh, natural water, 1.5 to 2 litres a day alongside a proper, balance, fresh nutrition, some forms of exercises, positive thinking, chillax times is what your body needs. Just remember to not drink while eating. It dilutes the stomach acids and make the digestion harder. Drink 30 minutes before and after each meal for maximum stomach functions.

Water is source of Life, source of energy so respect it, learn from it, love it and most importantly don't waste it!


About the author

Brandon from Brighton
I am a Holistic Health practitioner. I am all about take it easy, keep things simple and balanced and enjoy what Life, World and Nature have to offer. Check my Facebook page out : The Holistic Dude

Twin Research Shows Smoker Vs. Non Smoker

It is well known fact that smoking is bad for our health… but these photos prove it’s bad for your looks!
Researchers interviewed pairs of identical twins where one was a regular smoker.  The smokers showed considerably more signs of premature facial aging. 
Just see it for yourself: the twin in the left picture doesn’t smoke, the twin in the right one does.


After the heart and lungs, the liver is perhaps your most vital organ. When it shuts down, you die. Extreme liver conditions may result in the eventual need for dangerous liver transplants.
A sluggish liver can manifest a malaise of symptoms that lead to misdiagnoses for other chronic autoimmune diseases. This sluggishness can be prevented and also corrected through rejuvenating and cleansing your liver frequently.
The liver is responsible for purifying your blood and is involved with producing glutathione to recycle spent antioxidants. It helps convert sunlight to vitamin D3, and it’s involved with the manufacture of bile needed for removing nutrients from food particles in the small intestine.
Successful cancer treatments such as the Gerson Therapy and Dr. Donald Kelley’s pancreatic enzyme protocol, perfected and continued today by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, utilize coffee enemas to eliminate toxins from the liver.
This procedure was specifically inserted into those cancer treatments to eliminate dead cancer cells and toxic die off, but it’s also useful for eliminating accrued toxins from years of living in our toxic environment and/or consuming toxic foods and beverages.
Methods and recipes for purifying your liver and blood
Liver cleanse coffee enema: Unflavored organic high caffeine (lightly roasted) coffee is recommended. After the coffee cools to approximate body temperature, the enema is administered and held for up to 20 minutes while lying on your right side, then relieved with a bowel movement. Procedure explained here (
Burdock tea: Burdock tea is easy to make and inexpensive. It’s the go-to blood purifier in Ayurvedic medicine (
Chlorella and other green super-foods: Chlorella is a favorite, but some also swear by spirulina, wheat grass, and other green super foods. Chlorella purifies the liver and the blood, serves as a prebiotic to nurture probiotic bacteria, and promotes bile production (
Cilantro (organic): Cilantro (coriander) can be chopped and added to foods, used with other ingredients for making soups, mixed with green smoothies, or used with carrots and other items for juicing (
It has been clinically proven to remove toxic mercury and other heavy metals from our blood. The combination of chlorella and cilantro creates a super detox recipe.
Lemon/lime water: Adopting a ritual of drinking purified or spring warm water with a substantial squeeze of lemon or lime first thing in the morning is a time honored method of stimulating and cleansing the liver. Hold the sugar or any other sweetener though.
Zeolite: This usually has to be ordered online. Beware of network marketing traps, unless you want to be involved in that sort of scheme. Usually those MLM products are higher priced.
Zeolite liquids contain suspended volcanic materials that adsorb (not absorb) heavy metals. Adsorption is a form of chelation, which means toxic particles are electronically bonded or grabbed, neutralized, and escorted out of your body.
Betonite clays: There are internal and external versions that act very similarly to zeolite. Some prefer soaking in a tub of betonite water. But there are betonite clays that can be consumed in solutions with water also.
Western Herbs: Dandelion and milk thistle are two herbs common in the Western world for purifying and strengthening the liver. Dandelion is usually considered more of a cleanser, while milk thistle is commonly recognized as a tonic strengthener.
Some herbal products can be blended together to get maximum benefits. The tinctures are pricey, but you can make your own tinctures to save money and have constant refills indefinitely (
Traditional Eastern Herbs: There are many. If you are receiving acupuncture, you may have some prescribed to you. Ayurvedic liver formulas are available online and in good health food stores.
Homeopathic remedies: They are plentiful. But you should consult an experienced homeopathic practitioner for those.
Sources for this article include:

How to Manage Panic Attacks Naturally

Have you ever had this feeling that you can’t breathe and your heart is racing really fast? Your hands and feet begin to sweat, you tremble with the fear of death and you feel completely helpless. Well, this could be the situation when you are having a panic attack.
According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, in the U.S. 6 million people suffer from panic attack once a year. One out of four people experience panic attack once in their lifetime; whereas, one out of 20 people are constantly fighting panic attacks. Women are twice more likely to develop this disorder than men. Half of the population develops it before the age of 24.
Those who have never experienced panic attack must be wondering what it is? Panic attack is an intense feeling of apprehension or fear which occurs without the presence of actual danger. The situation becomes quite debilitating and often results in anxiety. Following are some of the common symptoms of panic attacks, these symptoms may vary from person to person:
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Nausea and choking sensations
  • Sweating and shaking
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Heartburn and chest pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sudden chills or hot flashes
  • Tingling sensations in your extremities
  • A fear of going crazy
  • A fear death or serious illness
What are the causes of panic attacks?
There are a number of causes that lead to panic attacks. It can be inherited e.g. if someone from your parents or grandparents have this disorder than you are also at a risk of developing this disorder.
Traumatic life incidences also contribute to the occurrence of panic attacks. It is also associated with the thinking pattern of an individual i.e. pessimistic approach may also lead to panic attacks. There are some other biological factors that play a part in developing such conditions. However, what exactly triggers a panic attack is unknown and many scientific investigations are being made on this subject.
One such study that has been conducted on humans and animals revealed that there are certain areas of the brain that are involved in causing panic attacks. A small structure called amygdala is responsible for coordinating fear response. In case of panic attacks abnormal activation of the amygdala takes place.
How to deal with the panic attacks?
Frequent occurrence of panic attacks can adversely affect your work life and your relationships. In fact it stops you from enjoying the pleasures of a quality life. Many people who suffer from panic disorder become afraid of leaving their houses and also fear showing in public, as a result they develop agoraphobia.
Good news is that panic attacks can be controlled.
Here are some steps you can follow:

The first step to prevent panic attack is to change your perception about yourself. Studies show that people with low self-esteem are more susceptible to develop mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Feeling of being worthless, loneliness and isolation are all those factors that can trigger panic attacks.
The best thing you can practice is that keep your self-esteem high. Never perceive yourself to be worthless. Have strong beliefs about yourself, which include love, acceptance and respect. Researches prove that building high self-esteem can help you out with conditions like panic disorder.
Overcome Negative Thoughts
Cognitive distortion also known as negative thinking is one of the major factors that can trigger anxiety and panic disorders. To achieve your goals and high self-esteem positive thinking is a must. Negative thinking can lead to feelings of loneliness, fear and hopelessness which ultimately result in panic disorder.
Focus on Self–care
Your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to take time out for yourself and your life feel out of balance. Indulge in some self-caring moments and regain the balance of your life. Take some time out of your day and focus on the physical, relational and spiritual aspects of life. Focus on your health issues and promote habits essential for physical well being. This would help you a great deal in controlling panic attacks.
Take proper Sleep
Sleep issues and anxiety usually go hand-in-hand. Most of the people with panic disorders also suffer from sleep disorders. Even if they get successful to fall asleep, it becomes difficult for them to stay asleep during the night. It is important to have a sound sleep in order to prevent panic attacks.
Stay away from Stress
Stress is one of the major factors that trigger anxiety and panic attacks. You can try some relaxing techniques to reduce stress. Fight-or –flight is one of the strategies that can help you manage stress. Exercise, yoga and meditation are also very helpful in reducing stress.
Try relaxing techniques
One of the common symptoms of panic attacks is heavy breathing, to calm yourself you can try these breathing and relaxing techniques. You can even try them when you are not having an attack.
Put your right hand on your upper-chest and the other hand over your diaphragm. Now breathe in through your nose and count till 5. Now breathe out slowly again from your nose.  You can try this breathing exercise twice a day for 10 minutes as it will help you drop the frequency of the panic attacks.
You can also relax your muscles by following these techniques, lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and focus on your toes, now curl them and keep them curled for 5 seconds and then relax. Now bring your focus to your feet and try to contract all the muscles of your feet for 5 seconds and then relax. Now follow the same technique on every muscle individually, including calves, buttocks, thighs, chest, shoulder, stomach, fingers, hands, neck and arms.
Panic attacks can make you feel weak and fatigued, but do not let these panic attacks fool you. When you feel panic attack, do not retreat to your bed or couch, instead you can follow this:
Walking can be very relaxing in the state of panic attack. It helps to release endorphins in the brain which helps to reduce stress levels.
Yoga and stretching can be equally effective to cope with panic attacks and help you relax. Lie down on your back, now try to bring your right knee close to your chest and hold it there with your hands for 20 seconds, while breathing through your nose. Now repeat the process with your left knee.
Or stand straight, now bend forward and try to touch he ground with your finger tips. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, and then slowly move back to your standing position.



Before trying anything you find on the internet you should fully investigate your options and get further advice from professionals.

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