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How To Build Your Own Solar Panels At Home

Fed up of high energy prices? So is the rest of the world. Stop relying on big business to give you the best deal. Get renewable. Get self-sufficient.

Here is a natural cure to high energy prices. Many farmers are using this equipment in the food industry. We support the Non-GMO farmers! But this video is for anyone. Learn with these videos how to build a solar panel at home. There are a few ways to make home made solar panels but this is a great DIY project for the conscious consumer. Part 1 above and 2 / 3 below. - Thanks for watching. - Share this article with your like minded friends that may find this helpful. All 3 videos in one place. Enjoy. :)

Part 3 below.

If you want to learn to make a solar heater from soda cans check this out:

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Health benefits of coconut milk

It seems that coconuts are way more than just a tasty ingredient for a tropical drink!

-Arthritis:  The antioxidant selenium found in coconut milk is known to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis by knocking out free radicals and helping to prevent joint inflammation.

-Bone health:  Coconut milk contains calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium which all help in building and maintaining strong healthy bones and also help to naturally prevent osteoporosis.

-Weight loss:  Plant based saturated fats found in coconut milk and pulp can actually help you lose weight naturally due to the fact that they make you feel full for longer.

-Skin health:  Applying coconut milk topically hydrates and invigorates skin, repairing damage and naturally removing wrinkles.  The natural fats help to lock in moisture as well, compensating for environmental stressors and overexposure to chemicals and sunlight.

-Heart health:  The saturated fats found in the milk of coconuts can help protect against heart disease by killing major types of bacteria which cause plaque buildup in blood vessels.  People who live on a diet high in coconut and coconut milk tend to have far lower rates of heart disease than those who don't.

-Relaxation:  Loaded with magnesium, which helps to relax muscles by calming nerve cells and preventing excess muscle contractions.  Some people claim to sleep better when they consume significant amounts of food containing magnesium.

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Health benefits of cucumbers

Don't you dare exclude these crunchy healing wonders from your salad!

-Stress:  Cutting up cucumber and boiling in water is believed to release biochemicals that, when breathed, can help to reduce stress.  Pregnant mothers have used this technique as a way to naturally reduce stress.

-Digestion:  Cucumbers are packed with fiber and contain a great deal of water, both of which is known to aid in regular digestive function and remove toxins from the body.  Constipation and heartburn can be relieved through the regular consumption of this vegetable.

-Oral health:  Cucumber juice is believed to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

-Energy:  Loaded with fiber, vitamin B, and carbohydrates, cucumber will provide a sustained boost of natural energy without the "crash" and other negative health effects that go with consuming caffeine and sugar.

-Blood pressure:  Whether you have low or high blood pressure, the potassium and magnesium found in cucumbers can be beneficial to your health by helping to normalize blood pressure.  Cucumbers also contain a good amount of fiber which is also known to help with balancing blood pressure.

-Hangovers:  If you had a little too much fun on Saturday night, chow down on some cucumber slices before passing out and you won't wake up quite as miserable.  Electrolytes, water, natural sugars, and vitamin B will bring you back to game form and the fiber within cucumbers helps to detoxify the body be shuffling out toxins that built up during the process of festivities.

-Bags and circles under eyes:  Most people have seen someone with cucumber slices on their eyes when they are at their local spa.  The juices help to remove signs of stress and sleep deprivation from the skin around your eyes but don't let the juice in your eye as it can cause irritation.

-Lower cholesterol:  Cucumbers contain sterols, compounds that are believed to help naturally lower cholesterol.  The fiber found in cucumbers can also help with this.

-Fresh breath:  Chewing up some cucumbers for about a minute will help to destroy the bacteria in the mouth that causes halitosis, or bad breath.

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Health benefits of cinnamon

You might think spicy candy or sticky sweet breakfast rolls, but how does a longer lifespan sound as a benefit of using this tasty spice?

It tastes good and will make you feel great!

Cinnamon has been known to beat acne when applied as a mask with some raw honey.  Thought to be a brain simulating spice, many claim that eating cinnamon or candy containing cinnamon before and during an exam will help to boost brain function and memory while also reducing nervous tension.  Cinnamon is believed to help prevent heart disease by aiding lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.  Cinnamon may help to naturally relieve migraine headaches as well.  Women can benefit from cinnamon, which helps to treat discomfort associated with menstruation.  If you have diabetes or need to lose excess weight, cinnamon may be a helpful natural remedy.  It has been shown to naturally balance blood sugar levels while stimulating increased insulin production.  Cinnamon is believed to also battle various types of cancer cells in the body.  Cinnamon can be added to food as a natural preservative due to it's antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.  In fact, cinnamon is believed to be able to kill e-coli bacteria in unprocessed fruit juices as well.  Cinnamon has been used by the Chinese for centuries for treating multiple illnesses and to increase energy and vitality, and is considered as nothing short of a wonder spice!

Now that you know some of the healing power of cinnamon, add some to your hot cup of coffee or tea and feel the natural boost while protecting yourself from pathogens!

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Top health benefits of Himalayan pink crystal salt

So when did salt come out pink?  When you learn the health benefits from adding it to your food, you won't care what color it is!

It may catch your eye just by the unusual color, but the difference is in the way you will feel once you switch out your regular processed table salt for this natural wonder!

-Digestion:  Himalayan pink salt can help with the absorption of vital nutrients through the walls of the intestines.  It is also thought to help reduce the chances of the forming kidney stones and gall bladder stones.

-Ph:  It is believed  that this pink crystal salt helps to maintain a healthy ph within cells of the body which in turns helps to prevent disease and normalize energy levels.

-Blood pressure:  It is believed that pink Himalayan crystal salt can help to maintain healthy blood pressure over regular table salt when mixed with water and taken.

-Aging:  Himalayan pink salt is believed to help slow the effects of aging.  Added to a natural face scrub, finer crystals can help to exfoliate, removing dead skin from the surface so healthier skin is revealed.

-Bone health:  This exotic looking salt actually contains over 80 minerals that are essential to health and bone building.

-Water retention:  Consuming this salt can help to naturally maintain water levels in the body lost throughout the day.

-Weight loss:  Pink Himalayan crystal salt is widely believed to help with losing excess fat.

-Muscles:  Muscle cramps can be treated or prevented naturally by taking this pink salt.

These are just a few of the possible health benefits of Himalayan pink crystal salt, others include heart health, healthy blood sugar levels, healthy libido, better sleep patterns, preventing rheumatism, preventing gout naturally, and sinus health.

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