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Home Made Natural Fruit Juices

Top Left - Lime Juice - Limes are great for womens health. They combat aging - are anti-carcinogenic - prevent formation of kidney stones and can lower cholesterol.

Top Right - Orange and Blueberries - Oranges are great for activating the body's natural detoxification process and blue-berries are great for fighting off free radicals with their powerful anti-oxidants.

Bottom Left - Lemon and Raspberries - Raspberries contain about a third of your daily dietary need of fiber. And lemons boost your immune system!

Bottom Right - Strawberries (and more strawberries) - They have the 4th highest level of anti-oxidants of recently tested foods. - Anti-oxidants are great for protecting your body from free radicals that are linked to aging and disease.

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

Surprising mushroom facts!

If you like mushrooms, then you are going to love the health benefits of eating the healing fungus among us.

Vitamin D:  No fruit or vegetable can provide this valuable nutrient.  In fact, mushrooms produce vitamin D when the sun hits them just like the human body.  Mushrooms that are exposed to sufficient sunlight have significantly higher levels of vitamin D and can provide a large share of your daily dose.

Immune system:  Several studies have shown that mushrooms not only help the maturation of immune system cells, but also help increase the production of antiviral proteins that cells release to protect their selves when they are healing.

Metabolism:  Mushrooms are packed with B vitamins which are known to help make available energy from the food you eat.  They also metabolize fats and protein.

Antioxidants:  A study out of Penn State University concluded that portabello and crimini mushrooms packed the same antioxidant punch as red peppers do.  Free radicals, which are a result of oxidation in the body, cause tissue damage and are removed by eating foods rich in antioxidants.

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Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Turmeric is a wonderful superfood that is a must have!

(it's so good at helping skin problems we accidentally wrote it twice!)

The health benefits of turmeric include:

  • Helps prevent gas
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Natural Antibiotic
  • Aids in weight management
  • Natural antiseptic
  • Reduces the side effects of chemo
  • Natural analgesic
  • Improves skin conditions
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Anti-arthritic
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Improves asthma
  • Heals stomach ulcers
  • Helps coughs
  • Blood Purifier
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Unusual Uses For Raw Honey

Raw honey has been used for thousands of years for it's great taste and health benefits.

Raw honey is great for:

Raw Honey Vs. Processed Honey: (video)

Cruciferous Vegetables Boost Immunity and Fight Cancer


Cruciferous vegetables fight cancer!


 “Green vegetables like - kale, collards, cabbage and broccoli, plus some nongreen vegetables such as cauliflower and turnips, are called “cruciferous vegetables.”

They are named for their flowers, which have four equally spaced petals in the shape of a cross—hence the Latin word crucifer, meaning “cross-bearer.” 

Vegetables contain protective micro-nutrients and phytochemicals, but cruciferous vegetables have a unique chemical composition: they contain sulfur compounds that are to blame for the bitter flavors. When the cell walls are broken by blending / chopping, a chemical reaction occurs that converts their sulfur compounds into isothiocyanates (ITCs) an array of compounds that have been proven to have powerful immune-boosting effects and anticancer activity.”

"Cruciferous vegetables have double the potency as other plant foods! In recent studies, a 20 percent increase in organic food intake generally corresponds to a 20 percent decrease in cancer rates, but a 20 percent increase in cruciferous vegetable intake corresponds to a 40 percent decrease in cancer rates. 28 servings of vegetables per week decreases prostate cancer risk by 33 percent VS. just three servings of cruciferous vegetables per week decreases prostate cancer risk by 41 percent.” - Joel Fuhrman M.D, 

Source: Young and Raw 

And graphic by Dave Sommers!

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Health benefits of chlorophyll

Chlorophyll, the mean green healing machine!

Sure it may look strange, but after seeing the many ways it impacts your health, you may just want to try out some chlorophyll filled green juice!  Here is what chlorophyll can do for your health:

-Helps mothers produce more milk

-Increases blood count

-Improves bowel function

-Alkalizes the body

-Reduces inflammation pain

-Increases blood circulation

-Anti microbial

-Reduces numbness

-Kills bacteria in wounds and speeds up healing

-Detoxifies and cleans the blood

-Relieves respiratory problems

-Improves skin conditions

-Relieves gastric ulcers

-Alleviates blood sugar issues

-Helps eliminate body odors

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