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Another Rick Simpson Hemp Oil WIN

Another win for hemp oil.

Vermont Passes GMO Labeling

Well it looks like this is the only video on youtube about Vermont Passing a GMO labeling bill! That or Youtube is blocking the results! This is huge news! Peru bans GMO - Hungary Bans GMO - Now Vermont Labels GMO - Let the conscious revolution continue. Is your country or state next?...

Rumor: Monsanto has threatened to sue Vermont if the bill is passed. So far they are the only ones... they stand alone. Will you just stand there and let Vermont be the only smart state?

Join the March Against Monsanto (May 25th Everywhere) -->

Health benefits of raw cacao

Did you know that chocolate has an unprocessed, raw cousin that is actually very healthy?

     Chocolate lovers, don't break out your party hats just yet!  There is a difference between cocoa and cacao, most notably the fact that one is heated and processed and the other is the raw form of the bean.  The fruit of a South American evergreen tree, cacao beans have been used throughout the continent and Central America for hundreds of years.  Though there is no doubting the popularity of chocolate, many people don't understand the true healing power of this literal superfood and the far reaching health benefits of the raw form.  When processed, cocoa is heated, turning the omega 6 fatty acids rancid, which in turn causes inflammation in the body after ingestion.  Also the antioxidant power is greatly diminished upon heating and nutrients depleted   Commonly, sugar and dairy is added to make chocolate candy products or drink mixes.  In fact, it is more difficult to find unprocessed cacao with nothing added than the sugar-laden and nutritionally inferior version.  Raw cacao, however, can be found at most health food stores and some large grocers in the form of raw beans, nibs, or powder.  So, why should you go through the extra trouble to get it raw?  Here is the reasoning.
     As stated before, the nutrient profile of cacao is greatly diminished once it is heated, and what is worse, sugars are usually immediately added.  Sugar causes the body to become more acidic which increases the chances of developing a long list of illnesses including deadly conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  Dairy is also added to much chocolate that can be found in stores and is known to cause inflammation and is not heart friendly.  Raw cacao, in contrast, has a massive payload of disease preventing compounds and even has been shown to fight depression.  In fact, cacao contains phenethylamine which is considered to be responsible for the emotion "love."  Zinc, iron, protein and calcium add to the nutritional strength of this superfood.  Strangely enough, a Dutch study on chocolate showed that even people who regularly ate processed chocolates had lower instances of every major disease than those who ate little to none.  The study concluded that there is no "upper limit" for chocolate consumption and even claimed that the more chocolate you eat, the healthier you will be and longer you will live.  So, if the processed and inferior version of this superfood shows so much promise, wait and see what raw cacao can do for your health.
     Another study performed in South America observed two similar tribes living in the dense rain forest.  One tribe consumed a raw cacao drink daily and the other tribe did not have that food source available in their diet.  The tribe that consumed cacao regularly, again, had lower disease rates and longer lifespans.  Yoga instructors are even beginning to incorporate chocolate into their routines for its known effect of relaxing muscles while sharpening mental focus.  Still not convinced?  A French woman who is documented to have lived longer than any other human in history, claimed to have ate over 2 pounds of chocolate weekly, and the second oldest person consumed chocolate gratuitously as well.  As soon as you are done reading this article, grab your keys, drive to the health food store, buy some raw cacao, and start improving your quality of life now!

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

"Nutrition is nature's health insurance."

Health benefits of maca

With an impressive nutrient profile and potent healing power, maca should be in your refrigerator. 

Bone health:  Maca root contains high amounts of bio-available calcium which can help to strengthen bones and teeth as well as help prevent osteoporosis.

Depression:  Due to a toxic environment full of estrogen simulators, most people have hormone imbalances which can effect every aspect of your health including mood.  Maca has the amazing effect of balancing hormones and can help to naturally fight depression.

Energy:  Enjoy a brisk and prolonged energy burst from maca root, unlike caffeine or sugar which cause harm to your body and give you a "crash" after they wear off.

Reproductive health:  Often reffered to as "nature's viagra," maca root can be taken to help with libido.

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

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Health benefits of ginger

Used for thousands of years in the far east, ginger tastes amazing and heals throughout the body!

Fresh ginger deserves a place in your pantry!

Heartburn:  Tea infused with fresh ginger has been known to be an effective treatment for heartburn.

Ovarian cancer:  A study out of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center found that the powder of ginger can trigger apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in ovarian cancer cells.

Women's health:  Again, ginger tea to the rescue!  If you are suffering from menstrual cramps, male some tea infused with ginger and add a bit of brown sugar to find natural relief.

Morning sickness:  Several studies have shown that ginger is effective in relieving morning sickness.

Diabetic nephropathy:  A study showed that diabetic rats given ginger had a lower incidence of kidney damage resulting from diabetes, also known as nephropathy.

Motion sickness:  Ginger is believed to be a great way to naturally treat nausea resulting from motion sickness.

Colon cancer:  One study from the University of Michigan suggests that ginger could help to slow down the growth of colorectal cancer cells.

Flu:  Ginger has long been used to naturally treat the flu.  Even stomach flu and food poisoning seem to be treatable by taking ginger when sick.

Migraines:  Ginger could help prevent and treat migraine headaches since it stops prostaglandins from causing inflammation in blood vessels, thus helping to prevent the pain that results from this.

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Legalization may be just around the corner for Australia

New South Wales to consider allowing medical cannabis to suffering patients.

With so much data showing the medicinal benefits of cannabis, who can be against it?

     Studies all around the world have shown and are showing that the propaganda that got cannabis banned worldwide is just that, propaganda.  The basis for making cannabis illegal in the United States, where prohibition  originated and then spread outward, is the scheduling.  Cannabis is considered a schedule 1 narcotic in the U.S. which means that it is harmful and has absolutely no feasible medical value, which is now continuing to be proven false.  Ironically, cocaine is listed as a schedule 2 drug, which technically means that the government considers it to be less harmful than cannabis.  Seriously?  Yes.  So, with all the new data coming out, you would expect the old way of thinking to phase itself out, but there are still many people who consider this natural healing herb to be a harmful substance on par with drugs like heroin and methamphetamine. 
     A study out of Spain recently concluded that cannabis could be used and an effective natural treatment for cancer.  Two scientists from the San Francisco bay area also confirmed that cannabis is a powerful anti cancer.  Would you believe that there was even a U.S. government study on the effects and uses for canabinoids found in this plant that concluded its usefulness in fighting cancer?  That is the same government that created and harshly enforces prohibition of this herb based on the assumption that it has zero medicinal benefits.  
     With the recent full scale legalization in Colorado and Washington states, the debate on how to approach cannabis policy has heated up, not just in the U.S., but now other countries are reconsidering their policies regarding cannabis.  New South Wales, Australia is considering taking steps to make cannabis available to sufferers of serious diseases such as cancer, aids, and multiple sclerosis.  A NSW parliamentary inquiry committee held open hearings in March and are expected to deliver their report on the feasibility of using cannabis medically and the legal implications of doing so on may 17th.  Sally Crossing, deputy chair of the advocacy group Cancer Voices Australia, recommended to the inquiry committee that cannabis should be allowed to be used legally for medical purposes.  She mentioned the usefulness of cannabis for pain and vomiting in cancer patients and the added benefit of it causing very few mild side effects.  "There is enough evidnce, there's enough experience in other countries to say that if we do this in a sensible way, with appropriate safeguards, we can help a lot of people who are suffering, not only at the ends of their lives," said Crossing.
     Some opposition is still entrenched, and the NSW police department has expressed their concerns that cannabis use will increase if this happens.  If it is legalized for medical use, they would preffer it to be a refined extract form that can be taken as a spray or a pill rather than the original form.  All forms of cannabis are currently listed as illegal substances in NSW law, but the tide seems to be turning with more and more data from seriously ill patients who benefit greatly from using it. 


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