Natural Cures Not Medicine: 02/11/13

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Silver in your mouth not good! Get amalgam fillings removed!

I made this video a few years ago as I was making my film "I Cure Cancer" and learned that many cancer patients cancer went away just from getting the silver out of their mouths.  Each tooth is connected to an acupuncture meridian and is connected to our organs etc... so if that tooth is constantly seeping mercury in to your system it is not good!  This is cheapest and best place I've found so far.

The Gerson Therapy for Cancer Explained

CANCER - The Forbidden Cures - TRAILER

Or watch the full version here :

cancer - the forbidden cures from Dali on Vimeo.

A World Without Cancer (part 1 of 6)

The Gerson Method - Testimonials

Healing Cancer from Inside Out (video)

CANNABIS CURES CANCERS! Here is how to make it and a Testimonial.

‎"The month preceding the second scheduled biopsy, I continued to ingest cannabis smoothies daily using raw leaves. I also began a treatment of Rick Simpson Oil, otherwise known as “RSO,” originally created by Canadian, Rick Simpson, used the world over to cure cancer and other serious ailments. During the second scheduled biopsy one month later, the “target point” was gone, with the attending surgeon declaring, “No biopsy needed.” The attending ultra-sound technician (also attending during the first scheduled biopsy) wrote it off as a “technical error” on the part of both the initial mammogram technician and the ultra-sound technician prior. It didn’t matter that I saw the spider web-like mass with my own eyes, because the medical community’s hands are tied when it comes to acknowledging Cannabis as a cure for Cancer."

10 Tips for Reducing Potential Harmful Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation...

Yes it's true cell phones cause brain tumors!  Women who carry them in their bra's report getting tumors there too!


Before trying anything you find on the internet you should fully investigate your options and get further advice from professionals.

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