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Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

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Did you know... Bee pollen contains almost twice the amount of protein in beef, twice as much iron than any other food, substantial amounts of highly-absorbable vitamins and minerals, and thousands of world-class athletes even take bee pollen as a "legal sports enhancer".

So... Just another reason to save our bees. As it turns out there is much more that bee's can do. But first we must make you aware of the dangers of pesticides on the bee population. There are many that are petitioning to stop this and increase the chance of our friends living. (the bees)

2.6 million people have signed this petition to save our bees. We believe this makes the largest petition of human history. The 2nd following currently is the petition to stop Monsanto in Europe. Here is both in case you are interested. Please sign and share this article to help.

2.6 million people have signed this to save our bees!

2.1 million have signed this petition to stop Monsanto:

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