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Health Benefits Of Green Juice

The health benefits of green juices are great!

Green juice is great because it requires your body to go through hardly any digestion - so it's all nutritional goodness gets rapidly absorbed into your system while also giving your digestion system a rest!

- Packed with nutrition
- Green Produce chlorophyll - which oxygenates your body
- Helps you lose weight
- Improves focus and mental clarity
- Anti - Aging
- Improved bone and join function
- Helps create a stronger immune system
- Better digestion
- Healthier hair - skin and nails
- Get more energy!

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Health benefits of pinto beans

Beans are a popular side dish for southwest dishes, but may be the most nutritious item on your plate.

-When paired with brown rice, pinto beans provide a fat free source of high quality protein for the body.

-The fiber present in pinto beans helps the body to manage cholesterol levels.

-Pinto beans contain vitamin B, which helps with brain function and memory as well as play a role in energy production.

-Pinto beans tend to be a good choice if you have diabetes since the fiber they contain helps minimize blood sugar fluctuations after a meal.

-Copper and iron are present in pinto beans and play a crucial role in the production of hemoglobin.

-Pinto beans are packed with fiber, magnesium, potassium, and folate which are all useful for heart health and can help to naturally prevent heart disease.

-Pinto beans are an excellent source of protein and iron comparatively to meat since they contain no fat like meats do.

-Soluble fiber contained in pinto beans can be helpful with digestive function.  Many people suffer from constipation due to a lack of fiber in their diet but regular consumption of pinto beans can help to prevent constipation along with scores of other digestive problems.

-Pinto beans are excellent for women's health, especially those who are pregnant, menstruating, and breast feeding as it provides much needed iron to the body. 

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Explainer: Why Don't Fire Walkers Burn Their Feet?

Here is the science behind why fire walkers don't burn their feet... often. 

I know a lot of us want to believe that a "higher state" may be responsible for why fire walkers don't burn their feet... but as physics can prove this may not be the case. Although a "higher state" does help you deal with pain better - I believe it's the combination of physics and a mental state as well as a bit of an optical illusion that makes this trick so great. We are going to bring your more material like this in the future as we dive into the mysteries of human accomplishment.

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