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Reduce Arthritis and Inflammatory Pain

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Eat these foods and add these to your diet to reduce inflammation and pain! TURMERIC or Circumin, the active compound in this spice, is what makes it so powerful for healing. CHERRIES contain substances called anthocyanosides which are very effective at lowering uric acid levels. GINGER can be made into a tea from roots or be added to juices or smoothies.
PINEAPPLE contains the anti-inflammatory bromeliad. OMEGA-3 FOODS try freshly ground flax seeds, chia seeds unground, and hemp seeds. RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - pour a tablespoon or two into 4-8 oz of purified water.

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The 2 Most Inspirational Speeches Ever

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Severn Suzuki - 

The video above is most likely the best speech ever. Below is known as the greatest speech ever. Which one is your favorite? Do these words bring a tear to your eye? We hope you are motivated or inspired by these. Have a great day! -

Charlie Chaplin - The great dictator


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