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Health benefits of curry leaves

This eastern seasoning has benefits that could make a difference across the globe.

Are you a fan of Indian or Pakistani cuisine?  Well, curry might be the key to better health so it may be time to try some eastern cooking!

Hair: Simmer crushed curry leaves in coconut oil until dark and apply to your hair and scalp to maintain healthy hair and stimulate growth.  Regular consumption of curry leaves is believed to also prevent premature graying of hair.

Weight loss:  It is believed that chewing or eating a few curry leaves a day will help you lose weight.

Digestion:  Consuming curry leaves or crushed curry regularly will help with healthy stomach function and also can be used to treat diarrhea.

Eye health:  Compounds found in curry leaves can help to maintain good eye sight and is also believed to prevent cataracts.

Skin problems:  Skin irritation, bruises, and even burns can be treated by using curry leaves broken down topically.

Upset Stomach:  Morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting can be treated effectively by adding the juice of curry leaves to some lime juice and a bit of sugar.

Women's health:  Women in India have been taking powdered curry after after giving birth to boost their health.

Diabetes:  It is believed that consuming about 10 curry leaves a day can help to alleviate diabetes.  The weight loss properties of curry leaves further lower the chances of developing diabetes resulting from obesity.

Kidney health:  Though not the leaves, curry plant root juices taken orally are believed to relieve pain related to kidney problems.

If you are not sure how to obtain fresh curry leaves, go to your local Asian market or even substitute curry powder!


Health benefits of alfalfa sprouts

Most of us know alfalfa as feed for livestock, but if you eat alfalfa sprouts, you may end up "as healthy as an ox" as well!

Adding sprouts to your morning breakfast could offer a huge health boost!

-Anti microbial:  Compounds called saponins found in alfalfa sprouts have a cleansing and infection fighting effect that can be useful in preventing illnesses caused by invading microbes in the digestive tract.

-Fiber:  Since alfalfa sprouts are a good source of fiber, they can be helpful to people who have digestive issues.  Also, dietary fiber is useful in maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  

-Anti Cancer:  Plant based compounds within alfalfa sprouts are believed to fight and destroy cancer cells of several different types.  Among these are lung, colon, breast, and cancers of the blood.

-Anti viral:  Viral infections can be battled or even prevented due to plant based compounds called saponins contained within the sprouts of alfalfa.

-Anti inflammatory:  Consuming the sprouts of alfalfa can reduce the production of inflammation causing toxins within the alimentary canal of the digestive tract.

-Heart health:  Due to their anti inflammatory properties and the fact that the fiber contained in these sprouts helps with cholesterol levels, the chances of developing heart problems can be reduced by consuming them.

-Anti Fungal: Saponins contained in alfalfa sprouts have been shown to help clean out the colon, removing harmful fungal impurities.

-Arthritis:  Once again, inflammation causes havoc in the body but can be reduced by adding alfalfa sprouts to your sandwiches, soups, or smoothies daily.  Arthritis sufferers benefit greatly from foods with anti inflammatory effects.

It is important to remember that while some consider alfalfa seeds to be a good source of nutrition, you should wait and sprout them before consuming.  Data shows that saponins, the anti inflammatory healing agent contained in alfalfa sprouts, increase over 400% due to the chemical process within the plant of sprouting. 

Throw 1 banana, 3 strawberries, a tablespoon of raw honey, a cup and a half of almond milk, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a hanful of kale, and a half cup of alfalfa sprouts in a blender for a mega healing breakfast smoothie for 2 that tastes too good to be healthy!

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

"Eating healthy is nature's health insurance."

Argan Oil is Liquid Gold


Argan oil (Argana spinosa) is a small and spiky tree that growth mostly in the south of Morocco and only recently became really recognized for its healing and nourishing properties. It bears a fruit that yields an edible nut. It takes the whole year for the fruit to mature. If you have seen photos of Morocco, often you will see goats on top of trees, climbing and feeding on the fruits and twigs.

Traditionally nuts were milled by hand once the kernel has passed through the goats gut. It then was cleaned, roasted and then ground and crushed. The mixture was then dowsed in water and the oil floats off. Decanting and settling removed the debris and clarified the oil.

Nowadays it is done with cold pressing and some refining.

Why Argan Oil is Good For Your Skin!

Argan oil has good resistance to oxidation and is a free radical scavenger. It has much more vitamin E than olive oil.  It is one of the best oils to use for dry and mature skin. This oil has demonstrated the possibility for good restructuring activity as it is high in unsaturated fatty acids. Its nutritive qualities are very useful when it comes to the delicate eye area. Massaging daily argan oil into your skin can slow down the signs of aging, sun damage and it is one of top oils to use for stretch marks.

Best of all, it does not go rancid quickly do it is high Vitamin E content and using unrefined oil is always to the best, for it has been un-altered and retains its nutritive properties.

Here is Typical Fatty Acid Profile for Argan Oil

Palmitic Acid  about 13%
Oleic Acid about 48%
Stearic Acid about 5%

Other acids are palmitoleic, arachidic, eicosenoic


For 100% natural aromatherapy Argan oil products visit 


Anonymous: Operation Awake the Masses

Anonymous Operation Awake the Masses 2013!

We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere.
We are everyone.
We will direct humanity into the right path.
We will save humanity - because we can.
Greedy banksters and corporate cartels, you cannot stop us.
You cannot stop the future.
You should have expected us.

They are trying to outlaw saving your own seed in Europe

They are trying to outlaw saving your own seed in Europe! 

There is no actual reason for this insanity other than a power play by Monsanto and the rest to enforce their monopoly and be completely rid of heirloom varieties. This is a desperate situation with serious implications. Please share!!

8600 people have already said NO! Will you too? 10k needed
The EU wants to stop us from saving and sharing our organic (normal -untainted - poison free - non-gmo) seed. Biodiversity is being destroyed by corporations like Monsanto, for profit and greed!

Full info & petitions:

Thanks to facebook page for bringing this to our attention.


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