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Foods that eliminate bad breath

Natural Cures Not Medicine

"Nutrition is nature's health insurance."

Foods that eliminate bad breath

Bad breath can be bad for business and also can spell awkward social interactions.  Naturally boost your breath with these food items.
Boom!  Now you can have fresh breath and be healthy while you are at it.

There is no replacement for dental maintenance such as brushing, flossing, and regular checkups and cleanings.  Consider, though, that many people stand to suffer the side effects of taking conventional means to improve breath.  Mouthwashes often contain fluoride which can be absorbed through the capillaries in the mouth and is toxic to all tissue in the human body.  
Many brands also include artificial sweeteners and coloring agents.  Chewing gum that is marketed as sugar free usually contains aspartame, the most highly contested FDA approved food item in history.  Aspartame has been tied to several health problems including migraines and different cancers.  This sweet poison even converts to formaldehyde in the body after consumption. 
 Other sweeteners such as sucralose are used which are heavily processed and have negative side effects as well.  Thankfully, nature provides us with a bounty of options to improve breath and they don't harm your body but actually have decent nutritional profiles.

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

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Naturally reduce inflammation.

Several diseases and serious health conditions can be attributed to inflammation in the body. 

Just about all of our habits in life either cause or reduce inflammation.  There is no such thing as a free lunch, so if you want to avoid chronic health problems due to inflammation, a nutritional approach is a must.

     Up front, inflammation can be associated with increased aging but many people may not realize that inflammation is a hidden cause behind some of the most serious age and non age related diseases.  Inflammation is actually a reaction by the body to protect itself from trauma and toxins, but too much inflammation in the body can send your system into chaos.  Autoimmune disorders, asthma, arthritis, and allergies are related to inflammation but chronic systemic inflammation in the body can give rise to frightening health problems such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, depression, diabetes, and even cancer.
     Unfortunately our environment is filled with toxins and microbes that cause the body to have an immune response which includes inflammation.  What makes it worse is that a large part of the diet of a person living in a developed country includes processed food items that further cause inflammation, literally keeping your body "under attack" constantly.  If you are willing to make the proper lifestyle choices, you can prevent some serious illnesses and even slow down aging.  More and more people are taking the nutritional approach to health rather than taking a gamble with overly processed, chemical laden, cheap food and ending up in the hospital.  Remember that nutrition is natures health insurance and each time you eat you have the opportunity to strengthen every cell in your body or pump your system full of toxins.
     We all know that junk food is not good for you but keep in mind that it can actually kill you if you eat it regularly and eating healthy to promote good health and avoid the doctor's office doesn't mean you have to eat unappetizing food.  Olive oil makes a great delicious alternative to butter.  Avocado and nuts are good substitutes for meats.  Fruit juices in moderation and water in place of soft drinks will boost your health significantly.  Gluten free breads, pastas, and cereal alternatives are growing in numbers and being carried by more and more grocers.  Forget diets and make a lifestyle change that will save you pain and suffering and will even keep you looking younger for longer.

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Natural Cures Not Medicine

"Nutrition is nature's health insurance."

Dry Body Brushing

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Dry body brushing has been around for centuries. It is a great way to detoxify the skin, aid in lymphatic drainage, and helps in reducing cellulite, to name but a few of the many benefits.

Used widely in health spas as a slimming and / or detox treatment, body brushing can also be done at home. It is an easy technique to learn and all you need is a natural fiber brush, which can easily be found online or obtained from your local store. (See below for our recommended brushes from Amazon.) Be sure to choose a natural fiber brush as synthetic fibers may irritate or damage the skin.

The benefits are tremendous.

  • Softens,smooths and firms skin
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Improves nervous system
  • Removes cellulite
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Aids in draining excess fluid from the body
  • Helps tone muscles
  • Aids digestion
  • Natural and relaxing
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Reduces the need for body lotions and creams by stimulating the oil glands
How to Dry Body Brush Your Skin:
Dry body brushing is best to do in the morning, as its invigorating and awakening effect can interfere with sleep if done at night. Never brush cut or broken skin.
Make sure you are in a warm, dry room with somewhere to sit that is comfortable so that you can reach your legs and feet. Make sure to use firm, even strokes in the direction of the heart and go over each area several times in order to ensure the whole part of the body you are brushing is covered.
Start in a sitting position, working on one foot and make your way up to your buttocks. Repeat on the opposite leg.
Next move on to your arms. Start at the palms of the hands, working in towards the body. 
When brushing the abdomen, always use clockwise circular motions and slightly less pressure than on your arms and legs.
Once completed, move on to the neck and chest. These areas can be sensitive and it is recommended to use much lighter strokes.
Last of all, the face. It is beneficial to use a brush that is designed for the face or even a face cloth. It is essential to be very gentle to this area to get the maximum benefit and avoid any damage to the skin from excessive rubbing.

The key to remember is that this should be stimulating to the skin. You don't want to brush too hard as this can irritate or damage your skin's surface.The whole procedure should take no longer than 10 minutes. For maximum effects take a warm shower after dry brushing.

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Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

For relief from psoriasis, first turn to nature.

Psoriasis is a wide spread skin problem that causes great discomfort, sleep problems, and greatly diminishes quality of life for those who suffer from it.  Here are some natural remedies and some additional health bonuses you can enjoy from using them:

Apple cider vinegar:  Also apply to skin to remove warts and age spots.  If taken internally, apple cider vinegar can help to cleanse the liver, lymph system, and help balance out the body's alkalinity.

Dead sea mud:  In addition to exfoliating skin, black dead sea mud also helps to maintain healthy looking skin and improves circulation.  This special mud is a heavy duty moisturizer and can be used to also treat eczema and acne. 

Olive oil:  Applied topically, olive oil rejuvenates and repairs skin but also yields significant health benefits if taken orally such as reducing the risk of heart disease and aiding in digestion.

Goldenseal:  Goldenseal has dozens of other uses including aiding in digestion, antiseptic properties and promotion of healthy heart function.  Nausea, vomiting, and night sweats can also be treated with this ancient herb.

Epsom salt:  Bathing in Epsom salt can help with skin inflammation and rashes in addition to psoriasis and has the added effect of relieving joint pain, muscle pain, and fibromyalgia.

Comfrey:  Comfrey stimulates rapid skin regeneration so effectively that it has been used frequently by battlefield medics.  Comfrey is also used to treat diarrhea, dysentery, mouth sores, and promotes cardiovascular health.

Aloe Vera:  Psoriasis can be effectively treated using the gel from this plant which is also widely used to relieve traumatic burns and overexposure to the sun.  Aloe Vera can also be used to treat skin abrasions and acne.

Coconut oil:  In addition to being an effective treatment for multiple skin problems including psoriasis, coconut oil can also be used for healthy hair and promotes heart health.  Data shows that coconut oil, if ingested regularly, can promote brain health and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Dead sea salt:  Studies show that all the symptoms of psoriasis can be alleviated by taking dead sea salt baths.  Muscle relaxation is another plus and even people who suffer from osteoarthritis have reported having reduced pain as a result of trying dead sea salt.

Tea tree oil:  Other skin conditions such as boils, acne, and warts can be effectively treated using this essential oil as well.  Soar throat, congestion, dandruff, and lice are also treatable using tea tree oil.

Sunlight:  Calcium and phosphorus absorption are aided by the production of vitamin D resulting from sun exposure, helping to promote bone health as well as skin health.  Sunlight has been shown to help with depression as well.

Neem leaf oil:  Neem leaf oil can also help with head lice, eczema, and scabies.

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