Natural Cures Not Medicine: 02/08/13

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Dr. Quantum - The Real Self behind the Ego (caught by science)

Hemp Oil Is One of Best Alternative Cancer Treatments

I've been studying alternative cures for cancer for 15 years thanks to making my film
"I Cure Cancer" and was on a radio show with Rick Simpson last week and have conversations with him since.  I believe Hemp Oil is probably the best bet in healing from cancer thanks to the cannabinoids in it.

I am now working on Part II:

Today's Modern Food: It's not what you think - Part 1 of 2

Modern Food - It's not what you think. Seriously... E coli in spinach - Salminela from Tomatoes - Taco bell - Mcdonalds - lots of them are only interested in just profit. They want high weights - low cost - and they don't care if its healthy or not. Only that it makes money and more than last year. NO MATTER THE COST. Well only what you allow will continue...

Cops: Boy dies after being denied water

What? How can this be? Who has elected our leaders? Oh ya... YOU
Only what you allow will continue...

MORE Horse Meat Found Being Sold To Unsuspecting Customers

This is not just the UK this is all over Europe - Horses that are no longer needed from horse racing are mashed up and put in our food without our knowledge or consent. Sick times - Total recall in Sweden -

Jamie Oliver - Nugget experiment epic failure

Jamie Oliver is famous in the UK for his healthy food videos and tv shows. But here is a short video of Jamie in America trying to show children that companies are making Mechanically separated chicken nuggets and how bad they are for you. He even makes them in front of the children. This was supposed to be an experiment that left the children not wanting these nuggets. In the end he asked them who wanted one and they all raised their hands and actually ate the stuff. EPIC FAIL. America...? What is going on...? Seriously?

More Reasons To Eat Fruit!

Strawberries can help fight against cancer and aging!
Bananas are great for athletes because they give you energy!
Cherries help calm your nervous system!
Grapes relax your blood vessels!
Pineapples help fight arthritis!
Blueberries protect your heart!
Peaches are rich in potassium fluoride and iron! (not that you need more fluoride!)
Apples help your body develop resistance against infections!
Kiwis increase bone bass!
Mangos protect against several kinds of cancer!
Watermelon helps control your heart rate!
Oranges help maintain great skin and vision!

We hope this helps!


Before trying anything you find on the internet you should fully investigate your options and get further advice from professionals.

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