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Health Benefits of Borage Seed Oil

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Borage Seed Oil (Borago officinalis) -  Natural Healing.

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Native to Mediterranean region it grows abundantly in such areas such as Spain and North Africa, and now is cultivated almost in all European countries and across N. America. It is known for its wonderful healing properties and over the years has become a very popular and effective treatment in skin care and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Bees love the star like beautiful flower of borage, which with its beautiful star-like shape has given borage a new name of “starflower”. Its flowers are beautiful sky blue and they blossom from May to September, the plant is rich in honey-producing nectar, and the seeds yield about 40% of their weight in lipids.

What is borage famous for and why it is so effective?

It is well known for its GLA content. It is one of the richest sources known and readily available everywhere.

That’s why it is so valuable for any skin care routine.  The seed is used for extracting oil rich in GLA. It is very soothing and moisturizing to dry, sensitive, inflamed skin conditions. It also purifies and tones combination and tired skin and brightens dry and gray hair, It is very common for anti-aging and wrinkle preparations to fight dehydration and loss of skin elasticity, and borage seed oil contains super regenerative and firming properties.

It is also consumed internally for boosting the immune system and is an important part, (the GLA) of human breast milk. Which when passed on to the infant can significantly reduce risk of developing allergies.

However borage oil is heavy in nature and if you get cold pressed and virgin oil then the aroma is pretty strong. So, for skin preparation adding the oil at 10 to 20% is all you need to get the benefits of the oil.



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