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Welcome To America: Land of the free home of the slave

Welcome to America. The land of the Free and the home of the brave.

Drinking an ice tea in a parking lot is now a crime and you will be punished. The police will tackle you to the ground and lock you up for the night. Lesson learned? Move country. The end. America sucks.

Sorry guys. America has lost it's mind. Who's in charge? Oh ya... you are. But you don't vote. It's not cool. Just leave the voting to the old people and religious fanatics and the country will run itself. LOL. Sorry my sarcasm switch got left on. It's off now. Have a good day. Thanks for watching.

Natural Cures Not Medicine

Neem another secret superfood

Some background on Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a tree in the mahogany family. The tree is native to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh growing mainly in tropical and semi-tropical regions. 

Neem has been used over the ages for Birth control / Contraception - boosts the immune system - can prevent heart disease - Helps combat Aids/Hiv - A natural aid to diabetes - can prevent dandruff - A powerful tool in Jaundice - Arthritis - Malaria - Eczema - Cancer fighter - combat herpes - warts - acne - stomach ulcers - skin disorders - viral diseases - athlete's foot - Rheumatism - boils - ulcers - nail fungus - Chicken pox - dental care - Ringworm - head lice - Psoriasis and even stress.

With so many striking features is it really no surprise that you haven't heard of it?

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Eat Like Your Life Depends On It

Chow down, for health!

No this doesn't mean go eat lots of hamburgers or anything you can get your hands on! Haha this means if you eat healthy that is health insurance! Well not exactly but it helps you not need it. And today with all this health insurance talk - life insurance - GMO's - and the endless list of things that really make you reconsider what you are eating. We are so glad you you have visited us today in search for natural cures through healthy eating.  Listed below are some of our recent natural cures posts. So if you're interested in healthy eating to prevent disease and even help cure them then you are coming to the right place. We gather information from every corner of the globe through top sources, mainly activists, because this kind of information is hard to find in the mainstream!

Natural Cures Not Medicine

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