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Cancer Killing Dandelion Tea Gets Research Grant

Researchers in Windsor, Ontario, have received an additional $157,000 grant for a total of $217,000 to study how effective dandelion root extract is in fighting cancer. 

Siyaram Pandey, a biochemist at the University of Windsor, has been studying the anti-cancer potential of dandelion root extract for almost two years. His team’s first phase of research showed that dandelion root extract forced a very aggressive and drug-resistant type of blood cancer cell, known as chronic monocytic myeloid leukemia, to essentially commit suicide. Researchers then discovered that repeated treatment with low dose dandelion root extract was effective in killing most of the cancerous cells. Those initial findings landed the research team a $60,000 grant from Seeds4Hope, which provides money for local cancer research. Pandey then applied for continued funding from the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation. That $157,000 came through earlier this week bringing the total to $217,000. Researcher was skeptical at first Pandey admits he was skeptical when he was first approached by local oncologist, Dr. Caroline Hamm, who was curious about cancer patients who had been drinking dandelion tea and seemed to be getting better. “To be honest I was very pessimistic,” Pandey said in a statement. “She said it could be coincidental but it couldn’t hurt to see if there is anything.” Hamm was convinced that the weed contains an active ingredient, but warned earlier this year that "it can harm as well as benefit." She told CBC News in February that taking dandelion extract tea could interfere with regular chemotherapy, and she urged patients not to mix the natural remedy with other cancer drugs without speaking to a doctor first. Pandey conducted a literature review and could only find one journal article suggesting dandelions may have cancer-killing properties. But he and his team of graduate students collected a bunch of the weeds anyway, ground them up with a mixture of water in a food processor and developed a simple formula they could experiment with. They tested the formula on several lines of commercially available leukemia cells and much to their surprise, found that the formula caused those cells to kill themselves, a process called apoptosis. “It was startling, but it was not that startling until we saw that it was non-toxic to the normal cells,” he said. John DiCarlo, 72, says dandelion tea saved his life, after other medical treatments for his leukemia failed. (CBC News) John DiCarlo, 72, was admitted to hospital three years ago with leukemia. Even after aggressive treatment, he was sent home to put his affairs in order with his wife and four children. The cancer clinic suggested he try the tea. Four months later, he returned to the clinic in remission. He has been cancer free for three years. He said his doctor credits the dandelions. "He said, 'You are doing pretty good, you aren't a sick man anymore'," DiCarlo told CBC News in February. 


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Natural Cures For PMS

Many women the world over suffer from PMS. Symptoms can vary, the most common being, headaches, bloating, mood swings, breast tenderness, hot flashes, lower back and abdominal pain.
Fortunately, there are ways to combat the bothersome monthly demon without the use of pain killers. Foods and herbal supplements can all be beneficial. Understanding which foods our bodies need in the time leading up to and during a menstrual cycle can really make a big difference. Making simple changes to your food diet at least a couple of weeks in advance can actually help. It wont necessarily eliminate the problems completely, but studies have shown that they can certainly have a massive, positive impact.

Beat PMS with these superfoods:                                                

  1. Iron rich foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, beans, egg yolks and for those who are not vegetarian, red meat, shellfish and poultry. Add some vitamin C rich foods or supplements to maximize the absorption of iron into the body. This will help account for the tiredness due to blood loss during a menstrual cycle.
  2. Bananas are a fantastic way to ward off  PMS. They are a fantastic source of potassium, zinc, fiber, calcium,  folic acid, B6, and iron. It's because they are packed full of goodness that they can replenish depleted nutrient levels caused by menstruation.
  3. Fat, the healthier type can actually help stop unwanted food cravings. Eating foods such as walnuts, oily fish or adding healthy oils such as coconut and olive in your meals can be of great benefit. 
  4. Calcium and Vitamin D can reduce symptoms of pain, bloating, cramps and food cravings. Excellent sources of calcium (other than dairy products) are brazil nuts, collard greens, molasses, kelp, sesame seeds and fish.
  5. B Vitamins are a great way to relieve PMS symptoms. B6 and B12, folate, thiamin and niacin. Top foods containing these are beans, dark leafy vegetables, milk, red meat and oranges. 

Herbal Supplements for PMS:

  1. Vitex or Chaste Tree, is probably the most common used herbal supplement for PMS.  It helps with heavy bleeding, irregular menstrual cycles and general reproductive health.
  2. Cramp Bark, is well known for easing (as the name suggests) menstrual cramps.
  3. Raspberry Leaf Tea, is fantastic for strengthening the uterus and helping symptoms of heavy bleeding and pain.
  4. Black Cohosh balances hormones due to its natural estrogen properties.
  5. Ginger helps relieve pain, gas and bloating.

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Monsanto Stocks Haven Fallen 10%

Our friendly corporate giant has lost 10% of its stock value over the last couple days. We believe it has something to do with the  recent news and massive amounts of information proving that GMOs and GE food do not grow larger volumes or make the farmers more money.
They are also NOT safe. Entire countries are banning and refusing orders of Monsanto and GMO/GE seeds and food. It's almost like the world is suddenly waking up and demanding their freedoms to have natural food. Here is a picture of

Monsanto's stock price fell last week: 

And after that... When the markets closed....

If it keeps going down tomorrow we will update this article. Maybe they are just going through hard times. Maybe they took on a debt they can't pay back? Who knows...


Before trying anything you find on the internet you should fully investigate your options and get further advice from professionals.

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