Natural Cures Not Medicine: Nine healthy winter foods to include in your diet

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Nine healthy winter foods to include in your diet

  • Leeks

  • Beets

  • Kale

  • Pomegranate

Inflammation-reducing pomegranate has a tart flavor which makes it good for mixing in with oatmeal in the morning. You can also use the gelatinous seeds, which have a crunch and large amounts of flavor.
  • Kiwifruit

  • Persimmon

  • Guava

  • Pomelo

Use pomelos as a dessert additive for sorbet or frozen yogurt. This fruit is suspected to prevent the spread of cancer cells because of its high density of antioxidants called flavanoids.

Indulge in health-promoting fruits and vegetables all year round, but especially during the 
winter time. Not only will they help the body stay well, but they also promote mental wellness with their fresh flavors. Many healthy fruits and vegetables have strong flavors. It is possible to combine them with other flavors to make them more delicious and have the family wanting more.

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